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Top 4 Remedies to beat the Flu & Hayfever

03/22/2014 Tags: chinese herbs, common cold, flu

There have been a number of clients in clinic the last 2 weeks who are fighting off a Cold or Hayfever, and the National influenza trackers have noticed it as well. The common cold virus is circulating before it typically has in previous years .

With the signs showing of people suffering high temperatures, achy bodies, sore throats and sneezing earlier and earlier in the year, we have put together a quick list of herbs to help build up the strength of your immune system; which can also be used to rid the bug if you do get caught with a virus.

These herbs have been used as natural cold & flu treatments for generations, and supply both protection against the influenza virus and an alleviation of the symptoms. They been found by scientific research to be especially successful at fighting off the common cold. They may be brewed as delicious teas or used as supplements.

1) Garlic & Ginger

These herbs build the strength of your defense mechanisms, and some studies have discovered that when routine doses of garlic supplements are taken, you are better able to defend against viruses such as the influenza and different breeds of rhinovirus. If you want to take garlic raw, and if the flavour is too overpowering, simply mix a clove of diced garlic in with a little bit of honey.

2) Echinacea

Results of archaeological digs suggest that Native Americans could have used echinacea for over 400 years to take care of illnesses, snake bites, and lesions, and so much more. Studies have demonstrated that this plant can keep the immune system powerful and healthy, protecting it entirely from common pathogens such as the common cold & Flu virus.

3) Elderberry

Another botanic that helps you to deal with the influenza is elderberry. The infusion of elderberries has been identified to shorten the whole period of symptoms of cold and flu. Also, the infusion has been found to be successful at fighting off as many as 10 types of the influenza virus. One of the ways it does this is through  a compound that it contains called viburnic acid, which helps to detoxify the body.

4) Astragalus

Astragalus is a Chinese Herb which powerfully strengthens the Immune system and may help against common cold viruses. It is also a very powerful Digestive tonic which also may help aid the immune system indirectly. Astragalus is available in tablet form as well as powered form for brewing of a herbal tea.


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