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Isagenix was developed to cleanse every part of every cell and Alkalise the entire body, but has recently become renowned for its vast and rapid results in aiding weight loss & Increasing Athletic Performance. The reason for this is simple! The metabolism of the body works more efficiently and faster when in an Alkaline (or less Acidic) state – which is exactly what Isagenix is designed to do – make the body less Acidic by gently assisting cleansing of toxins & waste from the cells, then replenishing with perfectly balanced & clean whole food nutrition!! When the cellular metabolism, or chemical reactions within each cell, is working at its peak, clean nutrition is being used as fuel and there are less toxins congesting & clouding the process, energy/calories/kilojoules are burnt at a faster rate, and there’s less tendency for the body to retain fluid & store fat. The body will even seek out Fat to burn as fuel for the cellular metabolism between meals when in an optimal slightly Alkaline state.

For any Professional or Amateur Athlete, a faster and cleaner cell metabolism means the opportunity for growth of lean muscle tissue and faster recovery. This growth will proportionately increase with the demand placed on the muscles from exercise. Further benefits from the growth of this new and improved lean muscle tissue, is that the muscles will constantly seek fuel when food isn’t readily available, especially when the body is under positive stress such as exercise. This results in the body stimulating a breakdown and conversion of adipose and visceral fats into fuel, to feed the chemical reactions occurring in the cells…basically meaning you can more efficiently burn fat at rest and even more so during exercise! Whenever the metabolism of a cell is enhanced, it’s waste production reduced & cleaned away more efficiently, the recovery of muscle tissue will be a lot faster – for athletes of all kinds, this means less recovery time after competing or training, and greater increases in strength and performance!

In Australia today, we change the oil in our cars, clean our homes, brush our teeth, and wash our bodies. But many people do not recognize the need for internal cleansing…and now it is more important than ever. In this modern world, pesticides, preservatives, radiation and chemicals have become a part of our food chain. Contaminants in the air we breathe and the water we drink add to the load of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Whether absorbed through the skin or ingested, these substances are difficult for the body to excrete, they tend to accumulate and end up interfering with normal cellular function – especially when the body has to excrete normal daily waste product from the cells as well before even looking at the buildup from external toxins.

Until recently, traditional diets, food preparation and preservation methods supported proper digestive function and overall health. Unfortunately, technologies that have been developed for convenience and increasing product shelf life have left us with foods that have little nutritional value; and can actually impair your digestive, intestinal, liver and overall health.

Add to this, our fast paced lives, emotional stress and sub-conscious patterns of resistance to change – all of which contributes to blockage and stagnation of our subtle energy systems and blood flow through our cellular tissue and especially the Liver and its Detox pathways – making it even more difficult for the body to handle and excrete toxins.

These toxins accumulate within and impede proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. They can interfere with the glandular & immune systems, leading to a host of autoimmune & other related health problems now prevalent in our society, which we have come to see as normal – food intolerances etc. The result can be felt as fatigue, a lack of mental clarity, generalized and localized pain, digestive problems and mood disorders such as depression and axiety. Immune system & autoimmune disorders, weight gain, fluid retention, obesity, dysfunction of the thyroid and other glands, degenerative diseases such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and heart disease, as well as learning difficulties all have been linked to poor nutrition, poor absorption in the small intestine and toxic overload throughout the cells in the body

This increased acidity in our cells causes prolonged inflammation, fluid retention and reduced healing capacity. At the end of the day – the more Acidic we are, the more inflammation there is in tissue, the slower the tissue heals, and the higher chance there is of chronic tissue inflammation and mutation in cell division i.e. abnormal growths, Cancers etc.

By Cleansing or Detoxifying, alkalising your body and increasing the metabolism at the cell level, your Liver will also have less work to do. One of the major  benefits of this is that the Liver is able to keep up with eradicating used or excess unused hormones from the system, which will help reduce any hormonal imbalances present – especially in females. Further health improvements, from the Liver having less stress on it & the cells living in a healthier environment, usually also shows with in the Digestive system – major improvements specifically in illnesses such as Crohns, Coeliac, IBS, etc, are commonly seen when the cells are cleansed and alkalised.

More on what toxins we are constantly exposed to & how Isagenix can help cleanse your system of these toxins can be seen here:


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