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What is Isagenix? What do I use it for?

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What is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a range of Nutritional Cleansing products designed to cleanse metabolic waste and Toxins from every cell in your body; then replenish your cells with optimally balanced whole food nutrition – usually our body has encased this waste with Fat & stored it in adipose tissue to protect surrounding tissues. The cleanse & replenish system causes the cells to release fat, fluid, toxins and waste byproduct to become more alkaline with a faster cellular metabolism; which simply means chemical reactions in each cell, essential to life, can react faster with less production & accumulation of toxins & waste byproduct. The reduced accumulation of waste allows the tissue to stay in a more alkaline state, where disease and inflammation can’t exist. A further benefit is collective tissue cells and muscles are able to constantly work, repair & grow, harder & faster than previous, and our energy levels and adaption to stress becomes enhanced. This cleansing & replenishing process benefits everything formed by cells, which is your entire body! Your nervous system for stress, your muscles, your brain, your bones, your  gut and immune system…everything!

One major benefit of a faster cell metabolism is the constant need for fuel to generate these chemical reactions, and if food isnt available for a period of time, the body will stimulate a breakdown of adipose & visceral fat as its fuel source; meaning you burn fat at rest, and even more so in exercise. Another major benefit of increased cellular metabolism in the presence of optimally balanced nutrition, is less waste production by the cells & the rapid development of lean muscle tissue. This new and improved lean muscle tissue again looks to further burn more fat at rest to constantly fuel its increasing cellular metabolism.

Isagenix is sourced from Whole Food Nutrition, Chinese & Ayurvedic Herbs, and formulated by one of the most knowledgable Nutritionist and Herbalist on the planet. Each serving of the flagship product, Isalean Shake, is a perfectly balanced nutritionally prepared meal – equivalent to 5 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of lean protein.

Isagenix products have been designed to be versatile in use as a system, or by using the products as needed to support the body in recovery from various health concerns. Initially designed to cleanse and alkalise every cell in the body to prevent disease from thriving, Isagenix has more recently gained recognition for its speedy results in Weight Loss and Increased Athletic performance.

Isagenix have a wide range of products depending on your health needs/goals. In addition to the 5 Pillars of Health – Isalean Shakes, Ionix, Cleanse for Life, Product B and Multi Essentials – which are the core ingredients to cleansing every cell in your body, Isagenix have a range of other products to enhance the effectiveness of the 5 pillars depending on your needs.

Between Isalean Shakes, Ionix, Cleanse for Life and many more products, Isagenix actually packs MORE whole food nutrition, herbs, minerals and vitamins into one meal than you or I can possibly create at home. With each serving being equivalent to 5 servings of veggies and 1 serving of protein, clearly this IS NOT a meal replacement program designed to control calories and starve the body; it is designed to CLEANSE & REPLENISH the whole body so it can function at peak efficiency with an increased resting cellular metabolism, which may result in:

  • Increased overall energy with Fat and Fluid Reduction
  • Faster & stronger lean muscle growth, which may result in Increased Athletic Performance
  • More efficient excretion & less production & accumulation of harmful toxins & waste products; and
  • Healthier cell function in response to daily use, exercise, any injury or disease process…

This is the way the body was designed to heal.

What do I use Isagenix for?

As mentioned above and in Weight Loss, Cleansing & Detox, Isagenix products gently cleanse your body of active and stored toxins, and then replenishes the cells with perfectly balanced whole food nutrition (just like having a nutritionally prepared meal), resulting in increased cellular metabolism – plain and simple! This means Isagenix can be used on an everyday basis, by everyone, to support recovery from any health issue or just to know that you are consuming the best possible, perfectly balanced nutrition available!

Isagenix focuses on cellular cleansing, which means cleaner, healthier cells which function at their optimum level. Depending on your current health status, this may mean Isagenix could support everything from Weight Loss, Hormonal Issues and Fertility Problems right through to improved Athletic performance, Digestion issues and better Stress adaption. Isagenix can even be taken by those of you who consider yourselves relatively healthy, but are looking for something nutritious and convenient that will overall support your whole system. Most people who reach their health goals using Isagenix products continue to use the products in some form (especially the cleansing portion). This is to ensure a low toxic load on their bodies, fast excretion of waste from cells, while maintaining & protecting a slightly more alkaline state within; which is essential in preventing any further health issues which may arise from a constant exposure to toxins within our everyday environment, or an accumulation of waste within our cells. This leaves them feeling unstoppable in everyday life!

People who use Isagenix to aid their weight loss often report their body drops kilograms and centimetres at a rate proportionate to the health of their system. If they are fairly healthy and have just been a bit careless with diet and lifestyle over time, or even harbouring a slight hormonal imbalance after the birth of a child (for example), both weight and measurements could reduce relatively quickly – those who have experienced this happen, report a noticeable difference even within 20-30 days. Those with deeper detoxification issues, immune system issues, hormonal issues or digestion issues have reported to still find the weight comes off & the measurements reduce, but a little more gradual.

Amateur & professional athletes have found Isagenix provides increased Energy & Performance, greater Muscle Growth, Tone and Strength as well as reduced recovery periods after training or exercise. Because of the Alkalising effects of Isagenix, the acidity produced with exercise in lactic acid is cleansed faster from the tissue, meaning regrowth of lean muscle tissue is faster and recovery periods from muscle soreness are less. Further benefit to a cleaner, faster cell metabolism, combined with perfectly balanced nutrition is bigger and faster muscle growth. Those who use Isagenix for building healthy, lean muscle mass find the products second to none; and results speak for themselves when the products are used diligently within training programs.

Those who use Isagenix products to support specific health concerns and Chronic Illness generally report some relief in their symptoms whatever their health issues are. This can be explained by the alkalising effect on the system the Isagenix products have – inflammation, tissue breakdown and disease processes find it hard to thrive in a more alkaline tissue environment (they like acidic environments to spur on the inflammation & tissue destruction). With cleaner, less toxic tissue, the blood, lymph, and more specifically the liver and kidney functions are under much less pressure…this further extends to the immune system becoming healthier and more adaptive as well. Our patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and various autoimmune diseases, consistently report that they notice a remarkable improvement in their overall health & wellbeing when taking Isagenix products – again this is because the body is receiving perfectly balanced clean nutrition, which means an increase in alkalinity, less waste production and greater resources for cells and the whole body to heal!

Do you live an extremely busy life? Is stopping during the day at regular intervals for a sit down meal usually easier said than done, and time just disappears before you remember your body needs fuel to keep going at such a fast rate? This common scenario is where we have found Isagenix products, in particular the Isalean Shakes, to be an essential part of life to keep you going. In less than 2 minutes, our fast paced, time poor clients, have had an Isalean shake and consumed whole food derived nutrients equivalent to a perfectly balanced meal of 5 servings of veggies and 1 serving of protein. Busy, stressful days become productive and time efficient.

Those of you concerned with losing too much weight on Isagenix, or are thinking ‘I don’t have weight to lose,’ will find that you won’t necessarily lose any weight at all if your body doesn’t need to. Usually fat stores come from increased toxins and unused, un-excreted hormones that the body cant keep up with in eliminating; along with unused food/energy stores and saturated fats specifically related to diet and overconsumption. In cases where these types of fat stores aren’t present, but toxins or accumulated waste is, we usually find that any weight needed to be lost will be lost as fat and toxins are released from the cells, but lean muscle growth will increase quite quickly and you may even put on lean muscle mass as a result. Most users of Isagenix for weight gain or Strength & Conditioning reasons utilise a combination of Isalean, Isalean Pro and Isapro depending on goals and time frames.

How do I use Isagenix?

Isagenix was designed as a program to cleanse the body completely – for 100% results this involves the synchronistic use of all the products in the Presidents Pack. The products included in the Presidents Pack lasts for at least 30 days, and contains everything you need to see noticeable change over that time.

With this being said, if the starting budget doesnt stretch that far, the core products used together that stimulate the cleansing process at a cellular level are Isalean Shakes, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life & Isa ‘Snacks’ (to support cleanse days) – these make up most of the 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse pack.

The rest of the products needed to make up the Presidents Pack are supporting in nature to the core products; they play essential roles to support the cleanse & replenish process being stimulated by the core products, and if not taken, results won’t be anywhere near as good as if you were taking them.

Overall, you can start on Isagenix by using just 1 or 2 products if the budget really doesnt stretch to paying just $12 for 2 meals a day and required cleanse products. Results won’t even be close to as good as using the system the way it was designed to be used with the Presidents pack, but at least with 1 or 2 products you are getting some proper form of clean nutrition into your body; and the cleansing process is underway!

Also keep in mind, as we explain to most people looking at starting Isagenix, the recommended Presidents Pack is just a place to start, containing everything you need to see improvements over the first 30 days. Most people increase or decrease the amount and the use of products to what they need specifically once they’re familiar with the way the products are used.

The basic 30 Day Isagenix program using the Presidents Pack revolves around the following:

  • Replace 2 meals a day with Isalean Shakes – equivalent to a 1004 kj/250 cal meal
  • Continue to have 1 normal ‘knife and fork’ meal a day – Clean, Healthy Eating!
  • A serving of Ionix Supreme ‘super juice’ concentrate each day
  • For 2 days at a time, twice a month or 1 day at a time 4 times a month, you take nil food by mouth/Fast – instead gaining the nutrients you need through Cleanse for Life powder and Blood Sugar Regulating/Craving controlling ‘Isa Snacks’;
    • Cleanse for Life powder gently stimulates the gut, liver, bowel and cellular tissue throughout the body to release toxins especially from fat stores and all tissue. Nil food in the digestive system also allows the system to cleanse faster and more efficiently
  • 2 snacks a day – selected from range of Isalean Bars, Fibre Snacks, Slim Cakes or other Healthy Snack options
  • Various supplements for Telomere & Adrenal Support, Co-Enzyme Q10, Ginseng and Bowel oxygenation depending on pack/products chosen

Once your goal has been reached, this program can be adjusted or maintained as is, depending on your new goals and preference for health & lifestyle utilising the products. Isagenix is flexible within your lifestyle, giving your body the best possible nutrition in each serving, while at the same time gently aiding in the bodys own natural cleansing process, right down to the cellular level. Long term, most who start using Isagenix to achieve specific health goals, continue to use a custom combination of a variety of food products & supplements on a daily basis once the goal is achieved; this is to ensure they are getting proper nutrition & their body is efficiently cleansing at a cellular level – leaving them with a less toxic, healthier, more responsive body.

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