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Every one of our practitioners are Australian registered, passionate about helping others and highly trained at their craft.


We all work at updating our skills every week with in house training & revision. We fly all over the place to attend as many trainings with international leaders as possible because we love to learn! It obviously helps us stay ahead in our chosen fields & more importantly, means we provide you with the latest and most up to date knowledge in all things health related!

We have Natural Therapies Clinics in Wavell Heights, Brisbane, &  Coolum, Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Dylan Watson


Hi! Im Dylan.

Before studying Chinese Medicine I was training to become a Pilot.

Halfway through my traineeship though, an issue with my Heart functionality was found…this put astop to my flying career. Through every genuine effort by top ranking Cardiologists in the country, the most conservative approach offered was medication…which evidently made me sicker. In a final, somewhat skeptical attempt to find answers, I tried Chinese Medicine. Over the course of 18 months my family & I stood witness to my health improving. Echocardiogram after Echocardiogram, PET Scan after PET Scan…results showed continual improvement.

I have extensive experience in treating chronic & complex conditions, but have specific interest in Nervous system issues such as Stress, Anxiety & Depression. I have specialist training in Fertility Management, Pregnancy and Womens Issues as well as in treating Sports & Musculoskeletal injuries; which are also special interest areas of mine. My interest in sports stems largely from my own experience in playing Aussie Rules, Golf and Basketball from a very young age.

I’ve also worked closely with Brisbane and Sunshine Coast based Osteopaths to enhance my understanding of the Musculo-Skeletal system & Biomechanics of the Human body. This awareness of variable Osteopathic approaches gives me the extra edge in helping muscular aches & pains such as Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Sporting Injuries etc through the use of Acupuncture.

After completing my 4 year Degree in Acupuncture at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine  in Brisbane, I’ve since furthered my knowledge through completing Post Graduate specialty courses in the following areas:

  • Certificate in Kiiko Style Acupuncture – Basic & Advanced Strategies
  • Certificate in Constitutional Acupuncture Facial Renewal
  • Certificate in Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture
  • Current Undergraduate Institute of Classical East Asian Medicine (ICEAM) – Canonical Herbal Medicine

I love to educate my clients on how they got to where they are with their health; I empower them through knowledge & help them with treatment, so they can make sustainable changes to regain control of their life.

After my own health journey, I believe 100% in empowering people with sound health education & then helping them take preventative action to maintain good health. In my mind, this is a critical part of the way forward to combat the ‘sickness crisis’ our society is facing now, and especially going forward into the future.

Dylan is available from our Coolum & Wavell Heights Clinics!

John-Paul (JP) Davies


Hello! My name is John Paul; most people call me JP!

Coming out of high school, I originally wanted to be a park ranger; however, due to limited career options, my work interests took a turn & I began working as a carer for disabled and elderly people. With further study I became a registered nurse in intensive care units and emergency departments, specialising in rural and remote nursing. I have also worked overseas at the McGill Hospital in Montreal, Canada and volunteered in Senegal, North Africa.

My work was fulfilling up to this point, but after 11 years of working as a nurse in the fields of cardiac transplant and emergency medicine, I chose to change approach & practice acupuncture & chinese medicine as a means of delivering proactive drug-free solutions to patients with chronic pain and complex conditions.

Working as a nurse was great, I got to help so many people. But after 15 years of being deep in the trenches of our mainstream model of medicine, I came to discover that sustainability in the treatment of chronic conditions was substantially missing. I became intrigued by acupuncture from speaking to patients who commented on its life-changing influence on their health.

I use a unique style of Acupuncture, which is a combination of 2500 years of clinically experiential Chinese Medicine knowledge WITH our modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology. A perfect merge of the 2 systems, which combined, I’ve studied for nearly 20 years now.

My style of treatment involves palpating the body to diagnose for constitutional and structural imbalances which gives us detailed guidance on how to rectify the underlying problems or imbalances in the body that can cause the main complaint to occur in the first place.

My passion is in sharing this powerful time-tested medicine, which gives you the greatest benefit of both medical models, with as many of you as possible!

I hold a Masters of Applied Science degree in Acupuncture & I’m a registered acupuncturist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)…which means those of you with Private Health cover can claim benefits back straight away!

I look forward to helping you!

JP is available from our Coolum Clinic

Leanne Aster

Clinical Nutritionist 

Leanne is a registered clinical nutritionist (BHSc NutMed) with the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) with a keen interest in chronic illness. She focuses particularly on gut health in her clinic, especially in regards to the microbiome (“gut bacteria”) and its significant role in health and disease.

Through her own battles with poor gut health in the past to now working as a clinical nutritionist; she has dedicated her time to truly helping others with their own issues – either through prevention or management of disease.  

She understands the loss of control and the fear and frustration one feels when illness has taken over and left you feeling helpless. Leanne utilises nutritional medicine with her clients as a way to enhance the body’s own defence system and to restore health and balance to the body.

She is passionate about not only improving physical health but also helping her clients take back control of their life. Her passion is to help others live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Leanne is available from our Wavell Heights Clinic!

Chloe Roberts

Chinese Medicine Student, Receptionist, Clinical Assistant

Hey, I’m Chloe!

I grew up in north Queensland where I finished school and went on to qualify as a chef. I was a sous chef at an al la carte restaurant for a number of years before moving to Ballina in NSW.

I completed a certificate in Swedish massage, opened  a mobile/home business for a year until injuring my wrist. Acupuncture accelerated my recovery and there began my interest in Chinese medicine

Amongst all things health, I have a particular interest in anxiety and depression.

Outside of the clinic & studying at Endeavour, I like to hike national parks or head to the nearest beach!

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