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Brisbane Acupuncture for Muscle Pain

Injury &

We identify the real cause of the pain, help the body heal with treatment & educate to prevent it occurring again FIND OUT MORE

Fertility Acupuncture Brisbane

& Pregnancy

Discover what's reducing your Fertility & why you're not conceiving; let us guide you through a stronger conception & support a healthy pregnancy FIND OUT MORE

Brisbane Acupuncture for Stress

& Depression

We all suffer symptoms of Stress, Anxiety & Depression at some point – we can help you understand the cause & find relief FIND OUT MORE

Brisbane Acupuncture for Hormonal Imbalance

& Thyroid

Hormones are complex little things. Imbalance often results in constant Fatigue. Finding your healthy balance requires individual assessment & holistic treatment FIND OUT MORE


We know how hard it can be to choose the right therapist amongst dozens of websites! We know how important it is to feel comfortable & confident in the person you've trusted your health with. This is why each one of our therapists has been hand picked. Service to others is their purpose in life. Our team combined have over 30 years experience. So rest assured we have the team of therapists you are looking for!

BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies

Helping Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast stay healthy since 2008

Acupuncturist in Brisbane

For over 10 years our team at BMBS Acupuncture Brisbane & Sunshine Coast have educated & cared for those looking for long term solutions to their health issues with Japanese Acupuncture , & more recently integrating Clinical Nutrition & Psychology

Our treatments involve taking the time to fully assess your health, applying treatment strategies to address the underlying causes of your issues & then assessing the immediate change to form a more clearly defined, evolving treatment plan, tailored to you.

By the end of the treatment we have a very clear idea of how the body is & isn’t supporting itself to regain health. We make a clear plan moving forward, giving you in depth education on what change to expect, how to assess change yourself & in what timeframe to expect it.

We don’t just “patch” you up from week to week. Our unique treatment process allows long-term relief of the symptoms, while also safeguarding against the symptoms returning in the future.

Our therapists are highly trained & individually tailor your treatment plan so you achieve your desired result in the shortest time possible.

BMBS Acupuncture is not your average health clinic. We offer a professional, friendly and relaxing environment to provide you with an effective & hassle free recovery.

Book an appointment or drop by for a chat to see how unique we really are!

  • Acupuncture Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


    Being experts in Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Herbal Medicine means the BMBS Acupuncture team have everything required to successfully treat you as an individual

  • Clinical Nutrition


    Our clinical nutritionist can help you overcome a wide array of chronic and acute conditions, including, but not limited to Gut Issues, Autoimmune Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances & Weight loss

  • Psychology


    Our Psychologist sees clients for a range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, parenting, bullying and relationship issues. We bulk bills all clients referred by their General Practitioner under the Mental Health Care Plan

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BMBS Acupuncture is a collaborative clinic of Natural Therapies in Wavell Heights, Brisbane and in Coolum on the SunshineCoast, specializing in Complex & Chronic Conditions


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Acupuncturist in Brisbane

Private Health rebates available with our natural health treatments.

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Acupuncturist in Brisbane

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Acupuncturist in Brisbane