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Biopuncture / Biomesotherapy

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What is Biopuncture?

Biomesotherary is a relatively new therapy to Australia. Originally developed in Germany, Biomesotherapy involves the injection of Sterile Saline Solution just under the skin, followed by the oral application of Homeopathic solution which is sprayed under the tongue.

Pain or discomfort from the injections are relatively painless, much like an insertion of an acupuncture needle.

How does it work?

The Sterile Saline Injection at the local site of pain acts as a stimulus to attract Red and White Blood cells, as well as other important particles, in a mild inflammatory response. This response enhances the Immune and Tissue Repair mechanisms in the body, allowing for healing of the injured or diseased area of the body straight away. The Injection is then followed by an Oral Spray, which is sprayed periodically under the tongue across the course of 24 hours. The Oral Spray, containing a specific Homeopathic Solution to the condition or injury, is carried by the Blood Stream, with the rest of the Red and White Blood Cells, to the affected area in response to the Saline Injection.

The affected area becomes saturated with the Homeopathic remedy, which works with the Human Immune system mechanisms to repair Soft Tissue and Boney Injuries as well as Eradicate Pain and Disease states.

How many treatments?

The amount of treatments needed will vary with each case depending on the severity and length of time it has been present. Most conditions will respond to some degree in just one treatment, with long term relief obviously requiring treatment to counter the severity and length of the problem

What is Injected and is it safe?

Sterile Saline (salty water)  is injected to the local site, with Homeopathic Oral Spray being administered under the Tongue.

Sterile Saline is already produced in naturally in our bodies within the Blood. This the fluid that is administered through an IV Drip in Hospitals to rehydrate patients as it boosts the content of the Blood.

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