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Weight Loss & Cellular Cleanse

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Weight Loss

All too often weight gain is usually due to a combination of one or more of Poor Diet, Irregular Eating, Stress, Hormonal Imbalance, Environmental Toxins in and around our home and Poor Sleep. All of these attributes overload the daily Liver detoxification processes and cause congestion in the tissue cells. When toxins arent excreted from the body fast enough, the body initiates Fat formation around the toxins and hormones to protect the surrounding tissue, which is then deposited into the adipose tissue. This is a very common process of putting on weight, and retaining weight that wont shift even with regular exercise and improved diet…the cells are still too congested even when lifestyle changes are made.

Many people get interested in the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System because they want to lose weight and this technology offers a very effective weight loss program. It’s not unusual for someone to lose 1.5 to 4.5 or more kgs in only 24 hours, and a total of 4 to 7 or more kgs during their first 9-Day or 30-Day Cleanse. Even if you lose very little weight during your first 9 days, you will most likely lose centimetres. If you are consistent, unless you have a medical issue that prevents it, you will lose body fat and your health will improve.

As a result of Cleansing (or Detoxifying) our cells with Isagenix® Nutritional Products, retained fluid within the cellular matrix is released and Fat stores are broken down to excrete the toxins from the body. This deep level cellular cleanse throughout all cells in the body results in healthier functioning cellular tissue and a faster cellular metabolism; which means the cells throughout the body can keep up with detoxification of hormones, normal daily waste production in the cells and daily exposure to toxins. The cleanse lifestyle also provides a consistent clean environment in your body, leaving you with less cravings for unhealthy foods and a healthy appetite to combat irregular eating habits.


Cellular Cleansing

Cleansing has been an integral part of the health care practices in traditional cultures throughout time. In Australia today, we change the oil in our cars, clean our homes, brush our teeth, and wash our bodies. But many people do not recognize the need for internal cleansing…and now it is more important than ever. Cellular Cleansing, or Detoxifying the cells, is a very important process to help keep the metabolism of the cell at its peak efficiency. If the cells within your body become congested with waste from daily cellular activity, or our bodies have accumulated too many toxins over time, Oxygen and Nutrients within the blood find it harder to filter into the cells. This makes our metabolism slow down because the fuel our cells need to survive isnt filtering through as fast as needed; leaving you feeling tired and unrested after sleeping, right through to chronic inflammation in any potential amount of tissue within our bodies.

In this modern world, pesticides, preservatives, radiation and chemicals have become a part of our food chain. Contaminants in the air we breathe and the water we drink add to the load of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Whether absorbed through the skin or ingested, these substances are difficult for the body to excrete, they tend to accumulate and end up interfering with normal cellular function – especially when the body has to excrete normal daily waste product from the cells as well before even looking at the external toxins.

Until recently, traditional diets, food preparation and preservation methods supported proper digestive function and overall health. Unfortunately, technologies that have been developed for convenience and increasing product shelf life have left us with foods that have little nutritional value; and can actually impair your digestive, intestinal, liver and overall health.

Add to this, our fast paced lives, emotional stress and sub-conscious patterns of resistance to change – all of which contributes to blockage and stagnation of our subtle energy systems and blood flow through our cellular tissue and especially the Liver and its Detox pathways – making it even more difficult for the body to handle and excrete toxins.

These toxins accumulate within and impede proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. They can interfere with the glandular & immune systems, leading to a host of autoimmune & other related health problems now prevalent in our society, which we have come to see as normal – food intolerances etc

The result can be felt as fatigue, a lack of mental clarity, generalized and localized pain, digestive problems and mood disorders such as depression and axiety. Immune system & autoimmune disorders, weight gain, obesity, dysfunction of the thyroid and other glands, degenerative diseases such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and heart disease, as well as learning difficulties all have been linked to poor nutrition, poor absorption in the small intestine and toxic overload throughout the cells in the body.

As a result of cleansing or detoxifying the system, our cells can eliminate the waste and toxins at a sufficient rate, while uptaking nutrients and oxygen in the same way. This means our metabolism increases – thereby increasing energy levels, improving recovery rates from daily activities and intense exercise, stimulates greater muscle mass growth, as well as releasing retained fluid and fat within the tissue.

What if you want to cleanse, but do not want to lose weight? How you use the products and what you eat on your non-cleanse days is important. By adding extra protein in the form of the Isalean Pro or IsaPro, people can actually gain weight in the form of greater lean muscle. IsaPro is suggested for athletes, active teenagers and underweight individuals. Underweight individuals may do better by starting with the Maintenance Pak, and building up before they cleanse

At BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies we recommend Isagenix because it is a unique, synergistically designed line of cleansing, using nutritional and botanical products made from organic whole food and herbs, high quality vitamins and an exceptional mineral blend. These products are designed to support your body’s innate healing and regenerative properties. Isagenix products are excellent for gentle, yet highly effective cleansing, anti-aging, weight loss, for enhancing athletic performance and lean muscle growth, as well as aiding in recovery from various primary health issues.

Quite often, after using Isagenix® products, our clients find their presenting signs and symptoms have drastically reduced with very small amount of hands on treatment from us at all – meaning their bodies are so healthy, they can heal themselves.

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